Our Glam Cottage Foyer Reveal! | One Room Challenge

Hello friends! I am so excited to be sharing our Glam Cottage Foyer makeover reveal with you today!

I am running a thin line between extreme giddiness and exhaustion, so today I am going to try to keep the talkie down to a minimum and let the pretty pictures speak for themselves. That’s what you came here to see anyhow, am I right? So here it is – our completed Glam Cottage Foyer/Redneck Sunroom/World’s Smallest Mudroom/Back Entranceway/Whatevertheheckthisroomiscalled!


I almost didn’t think we were going to be able to pull it off, since as of two weeks ago we had barely even began.  With a lot of help and a few late nights, we did it!

Just to refresh your memory, here is the side by side before and after. Bye-bye nasty old carpet, forest green stairs, floral wallpaper border, bare lightbulb and glossy cream walls!


We have come a long way in just a couple of short weeks!


The chandelier was a gift from a friend, and I just love it! I think it fits perfectly with the cottage glam theme and it’s definitely one of the focal points in the space. I love that you can even see it when you walk in our front door.


Oh, and the light it let’s into the space is amazing! Getting the French door made such a difference! The room make only be 3’2″ x 3’8″, but you better believe I’m still calling it my sunroom! Any room that let’s that much light in is definitely a sunroom! I plan on having my afternoon coffee perched on that top step. Our long cold Saskatchewan winter is going to be a whole lot more tolerable now!

Almost everything used for this makeover were items we already owned and somehow reworked for this space, with a few exceptions I will point out along the way. By doing that we were able to stick to our very small budget.


The clock you see hanging is one of the few items I purchased for the room. It’s from Homesense, but I added the rope detail which I think gives it that extra touch!

The chalkboard was an old mirror I had laying around. I just painted the frame white, painted over the mirror with the chalkboard paint and added the magazine basket that I had purchased from Target a few years ago (before they abandoned us poor Canadians).


We always have odds and ends that need to be returned to our garage out back, so I thought instead of us just dumping them on the floor they could sit in a cute little bucket. Or, I could just keep this adorable little plant in there!


Oh, this view has so many things I love! The sleek black French door, that awesome industrial pipe hand rail, the gorgeous shiplap, that showstopping chandelier, our new vinyl flooring and it’s all warmed up by the cute little DIY pendant banner (I am sort of obsessed with making these!), the DIY shelf and the warm sisal rug.


This shelf turned out to be very simple to make using just a couple of spruce fence boards ($2.14 each!), some very simple shelf brackets I sprayed black and a few hooks. The stain is Aged Oak by Minwax.


Why, hello there Mr. Antelope! You were very adorable above my piano for the last two years, but now that you have moved to a new space I have a whole new appreciation for you!


I think the view going down to our basement just got a whole lot more beautiful!


With the exception of the small white M, everything you see here was something I dug up from around the house or made.



The industrial pipe hand rail was fairly easy to put together. It ended up costing a bit more than I expected it would, so to keep the cost down I chose the 3/4″ pipe instead of the 1 1/2″ I had planned. Now that I see it up, this size is perfect! In the end I think it really adds so much character to the space, so I’m glad we went for it!


I love this black, white and brass hook from Anthropologie. We don’t have one here, but on my last trip to Edmonton I picked this up. I must have been having a temporary lapse of sanity, because normally I would never pay $22 for a single hook. That makes it the single most expensive piece of wall decor in the entire room, if you can believe it. Instead of using it as a hook, now it’s a beautiful piece of art.


Hopefully this next shot doesn’t make you dizzy, but I wanted to show you how we planked the ceiling as well. When I say we, I mean my husband, who worked so hard to get this room finished! He did such a great job!





Do you remember how disgusting these stairs were?


Those are vinyl stair pads and after I realized how much glue was used to attach them, I decided to just paint right over them. 😉


Here is a shot of the floor without the rug, just so you can see how completely gorgeous it is. This is the same flooring we ordered for our last one room challenge, our bathroom makeover. We had enough leftover to cover this area, so my brother came over on Monday evening after work to install it for me! Doesn’t it look like cement tile? Vinyl sure has come a long way!


My little boy picked out the M at Michael’s and he was very excited to see it all lit up at night!


The back entrance was so exposed to our entire main living area, that having it finished makes the whole space feel complete.

I love that we get to enjoy the new space while passing through to the basement and from just about every other area in our home.


Isn’t the shiplap so beautiful? I wasn’t expecting for it to make such a difference, but it really does add so much character. I love it so much, I kind of want to add either shiplap or board and batten to our living room. Not anytime soon though. This One Room Challenge was really tough for us to pull off, so we are DONE with major projects for a quite a while!

This project was done on a VERY tight budget. By very tight, I mean next to nothing. The vast majority of items were things we already owned, including most of the paint. We were able to sell quite a few of the items from the space, which really helped offset the cost. (Read more about how to be a thrifty decorator in my week 2 post.) I really enjoy the challenge of trying to make over a space on a small budget. It forces you to be creative, to DIY and to reinvent what you already own. In the end, I believe you end up with a space that is not only beautiful, but one that feels more “you”.

Source List & Budget Breakdown


French Door – Restore – $15 | Glass Insert – Used – $80 | “Shiplap” (Underlayment sheets) – Home Depot – $180 | Paint – stair treads – Dark Secret by CIL (colour matched to Behr Porch & Floor Paint) – $20 | Paint – door – Dark Secret by CIL (preowned) | Trim – Ultra White by Behr (preowned) | Walls – Mixed 1/3 Chantilly Lace by Ben Moore, 1/3 Ultra White by Behr (preowned), 1/3 Flat White Ceiling Paint by Glidden | Industrial Pipe Hand Rail – Home Depot & CMS Hardware – $75 | Chandelier – Canadian Tire – Gift | Vinyl Floor – Mannington (preowned)


Clock – Homesense – $20 | White M Marquee – Michael’s – $8 | Coat Hooks – Home Depot – $15 | Rustic Hook Shelf DIY – Home Depot – $30 | Silver Bucket – Home Depot – $4

Everything else was something we already owned or something I created. If you have any questions just ask in the comments!

$447 less proceeds from items sold $290 = Total Cost $157

Not bad for $157. Although I didn’t quite meet my zero goal, I’m still extremely proud of what we did in the space. If you consider that the cost of a new French door would have been at least $350, we did well. I think the hand rail really was the shocker, I had no idea it would cost that much. Although, it is definitely stunning and not your average railing.

There was no way I could ever have pulled off this project alone, so I want to say a quick thank you to those that helped me! I didn’t work with any sponsors, so instead I am giving a huge shout out to all my family and friends that volunteered in some way to help out – Kyle, Mom, Dad, Chad, Whitney, Bridie and Lesley. I love you all and I couldn’t have done it without you!!!

If you would like to see more of the journey of how we got from the before to the after, check out these posts!

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I know I said I would keep the talking down to a minimum, but I am just so excited about this room I had to talk about it! Thank you so much for reading and for following along on Instagram! I so appreciate it! Have a great day! I plan on catching up on some laundry, but at least the view up and down those basement stairs will be so much more enjoyable now!











41 thoughts on “Our Glam Cottage Foyer Reveal! | One Room Challenge

    1. Thanks so much for reading! It’s been finished for less than a day, but so far we are loving it!!! 😉

  1. Ahhhhmaaaazing! I love it! SO many details that make it a great space. As usual I am inspired, that antelope will love his new home! ; ) Time to recoup and enjoy your sitting room!

    1. Thanks so much Lesley! The glass on the door is pristine thanks to you and thank you for keeping me going with coffee and halls just when I needed it! Yes, Mr. Antelope looks good there, but now I need to find something for above the piano. Hmm….

    1. Aw, thanks so much Lesa! So glad you enjoyed it and YES – I am a huge believer that decorating doesn’t have to cost a bundle!

  2. Gorgeous space and great little details! That was no small task but so worth it!! I love how you did it so affordably too -that is how we roll lol. I’m close to half way through our basement stairs makeover and this inspires me to keep going.

    1. Thanks so much Elizabeth! I’m so happy you found it inspiring, I can’t wait to see your makeover!

  3. Kari, you did such a great job! I love the shiplap so much! And that French door is so lovely. I love all of the sweet details! Everything looks amazing! I’m going to have to show my husband this makeover! We need to finish our basement stairs too. xx

    1. Thank you so much Cassie! The floors and fixture are definitely two of my favourite things in the space! Thanks for reading!

  4. It’s gorgeous Kari! I love how resourceful and creative you are! I love the walls, the vinyl, the railing, and all of the decor on the walls! It’s so pretty! Great job!

  5. This blows my mind!!! This is an incredible transformation! Truly stunning. I love how you see it from the rest of the house. You truly have put the finishing touch on your cottage and it is a work of art!!!

    1. Aw, thank you so much Jessica! I felt like we went through this challenge together, thanks for all the support along the way! Now we can both relax a bit!

  6. Kari, WOW, what a huge difference you have made in that space. And i can see how it’s an important part of your whole home…and now it flows so nicely. Well done to you and your family! I can’t pick one thing out that I love best…but the painted stairs and the handrail really stand out as lovely improvements. Oh…and that black door! It really is lovely.

    Enjoy your new space!

    Hugs, Lynn

    1. Thank you so much Lynn! I am enjoying the improved view looking into that direction so much!!!! Appreciate your kind comments!!!!

  7. I am a new follower from over on IG and am in love with your blog and your insta feed! So much eye candy and inspiration!!!! I can’t get enough. This transformation is absolutely amazing!! I can’t even pick a favorite feature. It really is all that wonderful and ties in perfectly!!! I can’t wait to catch up on more of your blog and keep following on IG.

    1. Thank you so much Brittany! I found you on IG and will definitely check out your blog as well! I’m so happy you found our makeover so inspiring! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  8. This is SO great! It is hard to picture this space WITHOUT the shiplap now…it just makes the space. I love all of the little details and that new black door….fantastic ORC!

    1. Thanks so much Kristin, I am so glad we decided to go for the shiplap! It was a lot of work, but completely worth it!

    1. Thank you Jessica! The floor and the pipe railing are two of my favourite things as well! Thanks for commenting!!

    1. Thanks so much Nicole! Yes, black and wood are amazing together! I see you have added them to your home too!!!

  9. Kari! I am blown away by your gorgeous reveal – and you are after my thrifty decorating heart!! Love that you completely changed this space for next to nothing!! Excellent job – it looks stunning!

    1. Thanks so much Jen! Lol, yes, what is it about decorating while being thrifty that gets us so excited! The thrill of the challenge, I think!

  10. Kari – I love everything about this transformation and doing it on a budget just made it my all time favorite…the black and white is timeless, clean and so smart looking…the vinyl tile really does look like cement tiles …the gallery wall is fabulous…and oh my the shiplap… :)

    1. Thanks so much Jeanne! I agree with you about black and white being timeless! Yes, I can’t believe how much the vinyl looks like real cement tile, so happy with the choice:) Thanks for all the kind words!

  11. What an amazing space! I love everything about it – the gallery wall, the shiplap and that sweet chalkboard you made from a mirror. My favorite is defnitely the industrial pipe railing – genius!

    1. Thank you so much Sarah for all your kind words! Lol, I may have a small obsession with chalkboards, my house is full of DIY chalkboards!

  12. Wow! I love your new space! Not sure which is my favorite – the floor, the handrail, the shiplap, or the chandelier. You did a great job! And I saw a peek of your black and white wallpaper; I have the same pattern in my foyer :)
    We also did our ORC on a budget, and it was actually probably the most fun of the 3 spaces we have completed. Congrats on a great job!

    1. Hi Holly, for all of your kind words! Yes – I just realized I already follow you in IG, you are in Julie Holloway’s former home, right? She was my inspiration for my front foyer and I was searching for a black and white floral wallpaper. After I had ordered, I realized I ordered the same one! Although, mine is on the nearly white background and I think yours might be on the cream, not sure! I love Julie’s style, but I’ve also been following how you have been making the home yours as well! Off to check your ORC! Oh and budgets just make it all the better when we pull off a room we love in the end! Thanks again!

  13. I am in love with this space. It may be small, but it has a ton of character. I kept looking at all the pictures and got to thinking about how great some of your ideas would be in our mudroom, so I’ll be pinning pretty much every image you have :) Absolutely lovely!

  14. Gorgeous Foyer. I love what you did to this space. The wall gallery is wonderful. I do not have a wall gallery, but have been wanting to create one. You have inspired me to get it done. Love the coat hook idea and shelving. Great job!

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words! You can do it, just grab some nails and go for it! I used to overthink gallery walls, now I realize you just have to dive in;) The worst that can happen is you end up with a few extra holes in your walls!

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